You can activate the automatic extension feature for all shipments, in case your customer was late in receiving it within 48 hours, and there is an additional fee for each additional day and it is paid by the merchant, as follow:

0 - No additional days (shipment expires after 48 hours)
1 - 1 additional day (48 hours + 24 additional hours)
2 - 2 additional days (48 hours + 48 additional hours)
3 - Three additional days (48 hours + 72 additional hours)

The maximum period for a shipment to remain available at the pickup point is 5 days.

Extra days are calculated based on the actual number of storage days.

For example: If the automatic extension is activated and 3 additional days is selected, but the customer received it only after 1 additional day, after 48 hours have passed, then only 1 additional day will be counted

To activate this feature, please follow the steps in the attach
ed video: